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Fluid Pump in 6L90 and 6L80 Transmissions Machined

Fluid Pump in 6L90 and 6L80 Transmissions Machined

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The 6L80 is a six-speed automatic transmission used in various General Motors (GM) vehicles. The transmission pump is a crucial component responsible for circulating transmission fluid throughout the system. It plays a vital role in maintaining hydraulic pressure and ensuring proper lubrication of the transmission components.

If you're referring to the pump in the 6L80 transmission, it's typically a gear-type pump. The pump draws fluid from the transmission pan and pressurizes it to supply the various hydraulic circuits within the transmission.

If you have a specific question or issue related to the 6L80 transmission pump, please provide more details, and I'll do my best to assist you.

The bell housing of an automatic transmission, such as the 6L90 and 6L80 transmissions, contains the fluid pump assembly. The fluid pump is a critical component that plays a key role in the transmission's operation by circulating transmission fluid through the system. Here's an overview of the fluid pump in the bell housing of these transmissions:

### Fluid Pump in 6L90 and 6L80 Transmissions:

1. **Location:**
- The fluid pump is typically located within the bell housing of the transmission, near the torque converter.

2. **Function:**
- The primary function of the fluid pump is to draw transmission fluid from the transmission pan and pressurize it to ensure proper lubrication and hydraulic operation of the transmission components.

3. **Design:**
- The fluid pump in these transmissions is typically a gear-type pump. It consists of a set of gears that create suction, pulling transmission fluid into the pump, and then pressurizing it for distribution throughout the transmission.

4. **Torque Converter Connection:**
- The fluid pump is connected to the torque converter hub. As the torque converter spins, it drives the fluid pump, creating the necessary fluid pressure.

5. **Transmission Cooling:**
- The pump also plays a role in the transmission cooling process by circulating fluid through the transmission cooler, which helps regulate the overall temperature of the transmission.

6. **Seals and O-Rings:**
- The fluid pump is equipped with seals and O-rings to prevent fluid leaks and maintain the required pressure within the transmission.

7. **Maintenance:**
- Regular maintenance, including fluid changes at recommended intervals, is crucial to preserving the health and performance of the fluid pump. Contaminated or deteriorated fluid can affect the pump's efficiency and lead to transmission issues.

8. **Upgrades and Modifications:**
- In some cases, enthusiasts and performance-oriented users may explore aftermarket or upgraded fluid pump options to enhance fluid flow and pressure for high-performance applications.

If you are considering any modifications or repairs related to the fluid pump in the bell housing, it's important to consult the specific technical documentation for your transmission model. Professional expertise is recommended for tasks involving the transmission's internal components to ensure proper installation and functionality. Additionally, use quality replacement parts and adhere to manufacturer recommendations for fluid types and service intervals to maximize the longevity of your transmission system.


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